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Options for Building a Border for your Garden

Apr 15, 2012   //   by Kim Jones   //   Fencing Design Tips  //  Comments Off

Creating a border for your garden can be a good way to make it look more contained, prevent pests from coming in, or be more aesthetically pleasing. However, regardless of your reasons, there are a few good options for how to do it. Depending on what you’re trying to do, the following garden border ideas are all well worth considering.

Living borders

Using trees, plants, flowers of herbs to form the border of your garden is not only a pretty option, but also a smart one, as this can be an effective way to deter critters from getting in. Find out about the local threats to your garden and then research their natural plant or flower enemies, and you can save yourself from having to use harmful chemicals on your garden instead.


Using large rocks to form the border for your garden can be a great way to maintain visibility throughout while allowing the creation of a nice low border. You can find the rocks for free at your local beach or keep an eye out when you’re out and about — it should be easy to find beautiful rocks in your area.

Paving stones

For a flat and stylish border, paving stones are a cheap and effective option, though having a garden border this flat is only a good idea if you’re prepared to be weeding regularly. Otherwise, your border will quickly become overgrown.

Wooden walls

Having some sort of wooden structure or barrier containing your garden has been a popular style for a long time, so if you’re struggling to keep your garden contained, a funky, low, wooden fence might be just the thing. Your garden will grow into whatever parameters you set for it, and it will look beautiful as it starts to spill over the walls.


If built low enough, mini fences made from brick can be a great semi-permanent option for a garden border, and they’re easy to build if you take your time. Only go with this option if you are certain of where you want the garden border to be, because it will be a hassle to change your mind later.

Found objects

For those who have some cool random objects lying around their place, using them to form a garden border is a creative way to keep them out of the landfill and serving a purpose instead. Only use stylish looking items, however, as otherwise it will look trashy.

Borders make a garden stand out and help establish an area where your plants can grow and thrive. When deciding on a border for your garden, your best bet it to try and use what you have and make it as natural as possible. After all, any kind of chemicals used may cause damage to your garden. Trying different borders for different parts of your yard can also be a fun way to experiment, so try a few approaches and, most importantly of all, have fun with it!