Using the Correct Foliage to Highlight Your Fencing

Having a new fence put in at your place can represent a significant upgrade, but as people have started to try and make more use of their outdoor spaces, the way a fence looks has become far more important. With the right use of foliage, your home fence can provide the perfect border for an amazing backyard, so make sure you pair the right plants with your particular type of fence so that you are creating a fabulous combination, rather than covering up one of your best features. The following ideas will help you find the perfect way to highlight your fence using foliage.

Add some colour

Even if your fence is a really nice colour, having a uniform coloured fence running along the length of your yard can be quite a boring feature. Take advantage of the monotone background and have some bright coloured flowers planted just in front of the fence. Blue, pink, or orange flowers will all look fantastic in front of a solid dark-coloured fence, and will make your fence far more of a feature than if left on its own.

Give it some space

If you have spent a pretty penny on getting a really nice fence put in, make sure it is able to be seen and don’t cover it up too much with flowers and plants. Your mahogany or maple wooden fence will be impressive enough on its own, so make sure you give it some room to shine, and don’t cover it up with your foliage.

Consider your neighbours

Chances are that anything you have growing on or near your fence will likely make its way into your neighbour’s yard, so make sure you don’t bring in an invasive species that may become a nightmare for your entire neighbourhood. Do plenty of research on anything you are thinking of planting by your fence, as you’ll be responsible for whatever it does from here on.

Hanging baskets

A stylish way to add a bit of foliage to your fence is to use hanging baskets to provide bursts of colour all the way along. At least if whatever you plant is in a basket it will be relatively under control, and having flowers or ferns cascading down will create a stunning look for your backyard fence.

Native grasses

Outdoor design has been all about the natural and local over the past few years, so why not incorporate some local natural grasses as a way to create a border and highlight your fence? Many native grasses are extremely pretty, and you won’t have to worry about them surviving, as they’ll be on home territory here.

As outdoor entertaining has become far more popular over the last 10 years, the way your landscape looks has never been more important, and combining multiple elements in the right balance remains the best way to have an effect. Use your fence as a canvas; though if you are getting a particularly fancy fence put in, make sure you give it the space it needs to stand out as a backyard highlight on its own.

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