Council Releases New Publication to Help Curb Neighbourhood Fence Complaints

According to the Whitehorse Council, the number one neighbourhood complaint for 2012/13 was all about fences, with the council receiving 224 fence-related complaints. This was closely followed by 154 complaints relating to trees.

The Herald Sun reported that the council’s new Victoria Law Foundation publication, Neighbours, the law and you will shed some light on the responsibilities of residents in maintaining their property.

The hope is that through the publication people will learn to resolve their own problems and abide by the law, rather than end up in mediation or court. Issues covered include fences, trees, noise and pets.

Whitehorse Council’s Julie Reid said that understanding legal responsibilities is an essential part of getting on with your neighbours.

Executive director of Victoria Law Foundation Joh Kirby said that all too often neighbourhood disputes spiral out of control because people are unsure of their rights. By understanding their rights early on, the council hopes that residents will learn to solve issues quickly and efficiently.