Fencing and Your Safety at Home

Burglaries were rated as the most common household crime between 1993 and 2005, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) records. Over two hundred thousand homes are burgled each year in Australia, but there are some steps you can take to help prevent break-ins.

While many homes add security sensor lights and other safety features to protect their home, fencing is often overlooked. Having a well maintained fence of reasonable height with a lockable gate can drastically reduce your chances of being robbed.

You don’t need an excessively high fence to make your home secure. Even a shorter fence that is difficult to climb over can act as a deterrent. Before you build a fence, you will need to consult with neighbours and your local council to make sure it complies to their standards.

Always make sure that any gates are locked and cannot be easily broken into. Use strong building materials and make sure that any older fences are repaired properly to make it harder for criminals to gain access to your home.

Source: http://www.allianz.com.au/home-insurance/improve-home-security-with-fences