Federal Government Considering Guidelines for Speed Bumps and Fences on Driveways

Driveways may need to include speed bumps and be lined with a fence if a new proposal under consideration by the federal government is put in place. The proposal is part of a plan to protect young children.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the physical design and character of thousands of residential properties will need to be changed if the proposal goes through.

The potential new guidelines come after the number of child drownings in backyard pools was dramatically reduced with the introduction of mandatory pool fences. Experts claim that the initiative would act to further protect children.

The plans, which were presented to the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport, also seek the removal of plants and landscaping that could hinder a driver’s view of a driveway.

The guidelines will be voluntary and aimed specifically at driveways with a length of 12 metres or more, which carry the most risk. Cul-de-sacs and driveways with multiple spaces also carry high risks.