Increased Costs for Sutherland Pool Owners

Pool owners in the Sutherland Shire are set to face new pool inspection fees following recommendations from the NSW State Coroner to change pool fencing laws.

Many councils will need to start inspecting pools to ensure they are up to standard. Sutherland Shire council has begun plans to charge homeowners with backyard pools $150 per inspection to cover the cost of the inspection process. This will be increased to another $100 if the property does not comply and a second inspection is required.

However, the number of pools in the area means that council has estimated it could take up to eight years to complete the process.

All pool owners are required to register with council, which is free online or $10 when carried out at the council administration centre.

Despite the cost of the inspection, pool owners seem happy to comply, as the changes have been made to prevent further child deaths from improperly secured pool areas on private properties. Inspections will only be carried out once every five years.