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Timber is a classic and remains one of the most popular styles of fencing for more than 100 years. Good old-fashioned timber is remarkably resilient even under harsh conditions and has a natural feel to soften up your borders while providing added security to your property.

Amazing Fencing is the team you should call if you want to enjoy the incomparable benefits of a timber fence. We take pride in our experienced team of builders and the premium-grade materials that we use. For supreme durability and quality, our timber of choice is the renewable plantation grown “treated pine”—treated to H3 and H4 levels in accordance with AS 1604.

A treated pine fence helps reduce greenhouse gases in the environment, making the surroundings cleaner and cooler.

As the trusted name in wood fencing, we bring you the natural charm of an expertly-installed timber fence that will enhance all types and styles of homes.

Character & Style

A wide range of fencing is available to meet your needs in terms of character, taste and style, including:

  • Colonial Fencing: Complement a colonial home with colonial-style fencing. Choose from a range of colours and features, including decorative pickets and post tops.
  • Lapped Fencing: Two layers of overlapped palings offer a practical, aesthetically pleasing and secure option for a boundary fence.
  • Lapped and Capped Fencing: Providing an improved visual appearance, lapped and capped fencing is a sturdier option, with the caps protecting the top of the fence and prolonging its life.
  • Paling Fencing: One of the most common forms of fencing in Melbourne, paling fences can be constructed at a height to suit your needs, ensuring you have the level of privacy you desire.

Benefits of Timber Fencing

Each style has its own benefits which include:

  • Design: Among all wood fencing materials, it is perhaps timber that works with virtually any style of home. It’s highly versatile and apt for any design issue. Timber can be used for a broad range of functions, from basic fencing, to stylish lattice designs.
  • Privacy: Solid timber fences bring you the peace of mind that your privacy is always in check. As they can be built up to 2.4 metres high, many people prefer this fencing style to reinforce their home security.
  • Gardens and Backyards: Timber provides exceptional thermal profiles for gardens and outstanding windbreaks for exposed areas. Unlike other types of fence, timber is an excellent heat reflector.
  • Character: Nothing can match the timeless character quality of timber.
  • Ease of Installation: Timber fences can be installed practically on any site, even on difficult sloped areas.


As the authority in wooden fencing, Amazing Fencing has a comprehensive range of premium fences made exclusively from plantation grown timbers in an effort to preserve native hardwood forests.

  • Sustainability: Timber fences are easily maintainable and put minimal pressure on carbon emissions at all production levels.
  • Weather, termite and decay resistant: Modern treated pine fences have extreme resistance against termites, fungi, and bores. The treatment prevents the material from decaying for decades under extreme hot and cold weather conditions.
  • Noise Reduction: Timber is a dense material with a great acoustic property, which substantially reduces road and traffic noise.

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