4 Reasons for Using Privacy screens

Privacy screens are becoming extremely popular. They provide a range of designs and can be particularly useful, being both property assets and providing solutions to local situations and environmental issues.

They’re also rapidly becoming design statements. They’ve evolved from being basic screens into real lifestyle quality additions to homes.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why a privacy screen is a great choice and might be just the thing you need for your property.

1. Outdoor Areas and Privacy Screens

The outdoor areas of some houses and apartments can present a virtual maze of difficult issues. A privacy screen in the right place can achieve a full solution to all problems at once. If you’re looking for one single solution to site issues, the probability is that privacy screens will do just that.

Placement of privacy screens is a particularly efficient approach to a whole spectrum otherwise expensive and irritating situations. From a total lack of privacy to an annoying lack of cover when you’re trying to get comfortable, these screens will do whatever you need done.

2. Shelter, Windbreaks and Shade

Privacy screens and screen fencing provide added shelter in harsh weather, and they’re excellent windbreaks. Privacy screens are also great light managers. They can be used to keep out glare and heat anywhere around the home, as well as the privacy aspects. The screens can do all these jobs very efficiently, and once installed, the long life of these very durable screens provides design elegance and practical functions.

If you need wind control around the outer areas, privacy screens are perfect. Depending on design, you can have full cover or a soft breeze coming through when you need one, like a sea breeze on a hot summer day, and block the freezing southerlies in winter.

3. Elegant Design Privacy Screens

The “fashion statement” element in privacy screens must be mentioned. Designers and landscapers are very enthusiastic about these screens, because they’re also excellent design tools. The new ranges of privacy screens are truly elegant, and they use very high quality materials. That’s a recipe for real interest from the top designers.

The range includes timber slatted screens, one of the most prized of the screen types. These slats provide breeze control, great lighting, and very high levels of privacy. They’re actual design features in many homes, and give great outdoor lifestyle quality as well.

Better yet, they can be easily matched with fencing and house designs. Timber or aluminium powder coated privacy screens can work with any type of gates and fencing, colour schemes or architectural design easily.

4. Privacy Screens Give More Than Privacy

One of the first things people discovered about privacy screens was that they could provide great living space. If you’ve got a patio or veranda, they can give you what’s effectively a whole new part of your house, with the benefits of the outdoor environment in season.

They can be adapted into very effective home design and landscaping features.

With a bit of thought and design, any area using a privacy screen can become a great secluded nook for the weekend, a safe play area, and a great way of blocking out external eyesores. They’re even socially useful, sparing considerate neighbors the awkward moments when they really can’t help being able to see across your private space.

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