5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Landscape Architect

An article on Lifestyle.com.au lists five good reasons why you should have a landscape architecture company design your outdoor space, rather than choosing to go it alone.

  1. Experience and knowledge – a professional landscape architect does what they do for a living and therefore has vital experience on what does and doesn’t work.
  2. Unique design solutions – a good landscape architect approaches every new job on its individual merits and is focused on creating a space that is unique to who you are and how you live.
  3. Integration and cohesion – a professional landscape architect chooses every element down to the smallest detail to fit with the design they are creating, so that everything gels and forms part of the visual narrative.
  4. Careful consideration – a landscape architect knows what elements work together and is able to get the most out of every part of the space they are working with.
  5. One point of contact – because the landscape architect is in sole control, they are able to realise your vision more fully than if the project was being handled by various unrelated contractors.