Turn Your Fence into A Feature With a Vertical Garden

These days, a fence can be used to add a whole new dimension to your garden, whether you grow things up it or through it, hang things off it, or a combination of all three. To give you some inspiration, we’ve dug up some stunningly simple vertical garden ideas to turn your fence into a talking point.

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Stain Your Wooden Fence

Stain your wooden fence for the first time.

18/08/2015 10:00 AM

There are many factors that will shorten the life of your fence, including susceptibility to mould, UV rays and termites. Not only does staining your fence give your property a fresh new look, it also protects your wood from these elements, which will in turn extend the life of your fence.

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Make Your Fence a Seamless Part of Your Landscaping

Imagine your ideal backyard. It may feature water elements creating soothing sounds, vegetables flourishing in orderly rows, wildflowers growing along stone pathways or mature trees creating shade over a wooden patio.  Read more

An Eco-Friendly Fence Should be a Priority

Building a fence is a major undertaking, with many factors to be considered such as price, durability and appearance. According to the Seattle Times, one factor that should be a priority is the environmental impact of materials. Read more

Building a Boundary Fence with a Neighbour

When you share a common boundary, there are some obligations that both neighbours need to share when building a fence. The law states that if just one neighbour wants a boundary fence built where there wasn’t one before, then the other neighbour has to share the costs. Read more

Conducting a Boundary Survey

Do you know the exact dimensions and boundaries of your own property? While you might assume that you do, and even go so far as to build a fence, chances are that your fencing could be in the wrong place and you could have smaller or larger property than you thought. Read more

Choosing a Colour Theme for Your Garden

A lot of people these days are looking to landscape the yard around their home, either to create a nice relaxing natural space for themselves, to make their house look more attractive or even to raise the value of their home. Read more

Choosing the Right Fence Colour

There are many types of fences you may build for your home, from those marking the perimeter of your property to pool fences, garden fences or fences that are purely designed for decoration. Read more

Back in the Day: Australian Backyard Icons

It’s a shame backyards are becoming smaller and less common in Australia — growing up in a large backyard created so many uniquely Australian memories for generation after generation. Read more