A Brief History of Colorbond® Steel

A household name, Colorbond® steel is chosen by thousands of Australian homeowners every year.

You’ll find it in roofs, sheds, water tanks, walls, gutters, and carports. As well as, of course, in home fencing. Today, its use has never been so versatile or popular.

Most people know Colorbond® for its strength and striking finish, but did you know that its history dates all the way back to England in 1843? Read more

Sydney Fencing and Colorbond

Colorbond steel is undoubtedly one of THE materials of choice for Sydney home owners when it comes to fencing. The reputation of Colorbond steel has grown over the years due to its ability to withstand the Australian climate as well as keep it’s original appearance. Read more

Melbourne Loves Colorbond Fencing

Colourbond fencing is one of Australia’s most popular fencing choices and no city knows that more so than the city of Melbourne. The appeal of Colourbond fencing is due to its reputation of delivering durable and versatile fencing options that can withstand the Australian climate. Read more

5 Reasons to Install a Chainwire Fence

Home security is heavily dependent on your defense system, primarily your fence and gate. Whether galvanised steel or vinyl-coated, what matters is you have a fence. Your fence and gate provide the first line of protection against intruders and accidents. Read more

The Advantages of Colorbond Steel Fencing | Amazing Fences

Colorbond fences are a nice alternative to the usual brick, timber, and picket fences. They provide homeowners with ample security and privacy, among a host of other benefits. Read more

Steel Fencing Performs Better in Bushfires

Research has revealed that Colorbond® steel fencing resists heat and flame far better than timber fencing, confirming what is already generally assumed about steel’s superiority in bushfire situations. Read more