5 Top Tips for Preventing Rot in Your Wooden Fence

When it comes to your home’s wooden fence, rot is often your worst enemy. It affects the look and aesthetic appeal of your fence, while reducing your fence’s strength and rigidity. And as wooden fences generally stay in contact with ground soil over long stretches of time, rot can seem all but inevitable. Read more

Revitalised wooden fence.

Revitalise Your Home’s Wooden Fence [In Just 5 Steps]

When you think about it, your home’s wooden fence goes through quite a lot.

During the colder months it stands strong against morning frosts, icy winter winds, and sleets of rain and hail. Read more

The Picket Fence appeal

The picket fence has withstood the test of time with its colonial appeal and ability to add an instant charm to a home. So where did the ‘picket fence’ originate from? Well, the name itself ‘picket’ is believed to have originated in 1690 from the French word ‘piquet’ meaning ‘pointed sticks’. Read more

The Basics of Timber Fence Care | Amazing Fencing

Timber fences are a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home and increase its resale value. Also, they can discourage burglars or stray animals, and keep your children and your pets guarded. Read more

The Cost of a Timber Retaining Wall

When looking at the cost of a timber retaining wall, make sure you consider what type of timber is best to use for the renovation project. Read more

What Timber is Best When Building a Fence?

While technology has meant there are many new materials which can be used for fencing Australians still tend to favour timber, preferring a more traditional look. Timber fencing is aesthetically pleasing, secure and allows for good privacy without creating the feeling of being closed in. Read more

Solutions to Wood Rot

Most types of timber will rot if a sufficient supply of moisture and air is present. Rotting is a form of fungal attack which can cause significant, permanent damage to timber, and by the time the spongy, damaged wood crumbles in your hand, the problem is usually well established.

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Benefits of Replacing Wooden Fences

Wooden fences were once considered one of the best types of fencing available, with many homes having wood fences in both their front and back yards. Read more