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Which Fence is Right for You? Colorbond® vs Timber Fencing

steel fencing versus timber fencing

January 8th 2019 | Fencing, Steel Fencing, Timber Fencing

Like any major decision regarding your property, choosing the right kind of fencing is something that should be given some real thought. There is a myriad of options out there in terms of aesthetics, functionality, design and of course, cost. You may be convinced that timber fencing is the right option for your home or perhaps Colorbond® steel fencing appeals more to you?

Depending on your requirements, budget and how much time you are willing to put into maintaining your fence, either one might be a good fit.

Let’s take a look at some of the major elements that set Colorbond® fencing and timber fencing apart to help you decide which is the right choice for your fencing needs.

1. Consider the Aesthetic Value

Timber fencing is a timeless classic. There are multiple options to choose from if when selecting this type of fencing. If you are looking for a privacy fence, consider choosing paling fencing as it can be constructed at a height to ensure that you have the privacy you both want and need. Alternatively, you could also choose colonial fencing to complement your a colonial style home.

While timber fencing wins out on the aesthetic value for some, Colorbond® fencing is also very appealing to the eye. It comes in a variety of designer colours and styles with crisp lines and solid form so you are sure to find the right design to complement any landscaping scheme or home colour. Your fencing and house will look identical and no one will know that the Colorbond® fence was a later addition.

2. Ease of Maintenance

Another significant aspect of Colorbond® fencing is the ease of maintenance it provides. Once your fence builder has installed it correctly, you do not have to do much to it to maintain it. Since it is built with galvanized steel and a baked-on powder finish, there is no regular maintenance needed. It will last decades, which is great for both your home and your wallet. This material is termite resistant, non-combustible and resists any cracking, peeling, or chipping from outside conditions. This type of fencing is a pleasure to own.

On the other hand, timber fencing is also simple to maintain. It is a timeless classic and is still very popular. Timber is extremely durable, especially Amazing Fencing’s treated pine which is plantation grown. Plus, a treated pine fence is a great way to help reduce greenhouse gases. This type of treated wood also is weather, termite, and decay resistant so there is no maintenance or upkeep.

3. Think About Durability

Wooden fences are going to be a little more durable than Colorbond®, but they both keep intruders out while providing safety and security to your home. Timber fencing offers longevity as it can last over twenty-five years if installed on galvanised steel posts.

Timber fencing offers longevity as it can last over twenty-five years if installed on galvanised steel posts.

Colorbond® fencing delivers as much longevity, but can get be prone to denting.

Which Type of Fencing Material Should
I Purchase for My Home?

Choosing the right kind of fencing for your property comes down to personal preference. Both timber fencing and steel Colorbond® fencing are attractive options to homeowners. Your decision ultimately comes down to what function you want the fence to serve, as well as your own aesthetic preferences.

Be sure to consider ease of maintenance, durability and aesthetics.

Spend some time researching different options and ensure you choose the best fence to suit your needs.

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