Timber Fence Comparison: What are the Different Styles?

A timber fence is a timeless choice when it comes to reliable and stylish boundary fencing. Suitable for modern, traditional and even federation style properties—timber is affordable, durable and looks great. With so many different types of timber fencing options on the market, it can be a bit confusing when deciding on which will best suit your property.

To make this an easier process for you, the experts at Amazing Fencing have created a simple guide on our top timber fencing choices

Check out our timber fence comparison on lapped, colonial and lapped and capped fencing:

1. Colonial Fencing

A classic choice—colonial fencing is perfect for property owners wanting to create a traditional look and feel. Available in an extensive range of designs and easily customisable, a colonial style fence will be sure to add an element of sophistication to the outside area of your home or business.

A fan favourite for decades, the classic white picket fence is still one of our top timber fencing choices. At Amazing Fencing, we provide a range of colonial options in a selection of decorative styles including decorative pickets and the popular post top style.

2. Lapped Fencing

Extremely popular among Australian property owners, a lapped fence is a great option for boundary fencing, creating privacy and improving security. A lapped fence is constructed using treated timber palings and is extremely durable. Because of its simple and clean look, a lapped fence will suit any property design.

When constructed using high quality materials, like the ones we use at Amazing Fencing, your lapped timber fence will be built to last for years to come. Add style and value to your property by investing in the simplicity of a lapped fence.

3. Lapped & Capped Fencing

Similar to the standard lapped fencing styles, lapped and capped fencing is constructed using layers of palings overlapping each other with the addition of a timber railing on top of the fence. This is what we know as the “cap” and it finishes off the fence, creating a clean and crisp look.

Lapped and capped fencing is perfect when searching for an elegant and sophisticated finish for your property. Here at Amazing Fencing, we construct our lapped and capped fences in a range of styles and sizes, ensuring your new fence will suit your exterior perfectly and add value to your property.

Refresh Your Property With Timber Fencing

Whether you’re building a new property or renovating your existing one, a boundary fence is essential when it comes to both security and privacy. Timber fencing has long been a favourite choice for Australian home owners because of its sturdy nature and ability to suit any property type. Here at Amazing Fencing, we provide design and installation services for a complete range of timber fencing styles including lapped, colonial and lapped and capped styles.

Still not sure which style will complement your property best? Get in contact with our timber fencing experts today for your free quote. If timber fences are not your thing or you would like to know more about our steel fencing options like Colorbond Fencing and PermaSteel Fencing—take a look at this article on steel fencing.

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