The Most Popular Fencing Styles IN SYDNEY

When it comes to Sydney fencing choices there are plenty of options available with something to suit every taste, style and budget. Whether you want to install a fence to give your home some more privacy and protection, to clearly set your boundaries or simply to improve the look of your home, you can choose from the best looking fences that fencing contractors in Sydney have to offer to find the right fit for your home.

For Sydney homeowners, it’s important to take the time to find a fence that works seamlessly with your property. You want to choose a fencing style that will flow with the overall look and feel of your home and complement the existing features. From a small yard fence to terrace fencing, fencing contractors in Sydney can help you to choose the right option for your home so that you have a fence that is functional, practical and is one of the best looking fences in your neighbourhood.

To help you choose the right fence for your home, let’s explore some Sydney fencing styles that are proving popular with homeowners.

1. Timber Slat Screening

Providing homeowners with a modern look and an aesthetically pleasing look, timber slat fencing is a popular choice with homeowners in Sydney. This style of fencing works particularly well in smaller spaces and is a great alternative for those who do now want a solid block-out fence. 

Constructed from the highest quality treated pine and/or hardwood slats, timber slat fencing is versatile enough to work in just about any style of home in Sydney. With its tough, durable construction, you can be sure that it will look great and serve you well for many years to come. 

2. Colorbond Fencing

Due to its incredible versatility both in terms of colours, design options and installation choices, Colorbond steel fencing continues to be an attractive Sydney fencing option. Available in a wide range of colours, you can be sure that you will find the right colour to match the style and features of your home.

Colorbond fencing is also an excellent choice for those homeowners looking to add an extra level of protection and security to their property. Furthermore, it cannot be eaten by termites, it won’t burn or rot and comes with a ten-year warranty so you know you’re well-covered no matter what the future might hold.

3. Paling Fencing

For many years, paling fencing has been commonly installed in homes all over Australia and with good reason. This style of fencing continues to be a popular Sydney fencing style due to its strong construction and that it can easily be painted or stained if you so choose. 

Timber fencing works well with virtually any style of home and timber fences can be built as tall as 2.4 metres high, offering Sydney homeowners a great opportunity to bolster their home security. A timber fence will also provide excellent thermal profiles for gardens and is a highly effective heat reflector.

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When it comes to Sydney fencing installations you can rely on our fencing contractors to help you out with your fencing needs every step of the way.

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