Timber Slat and Screen Fencing

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Timber Slat Fencing

Timber slat fencing is a very modern approach to the traditional fencing method and a perfect alternative for those who do not require a solid block out fence.

Slat Screening

Slat screening is extremely popular amongst home owners and landscapers a like. The style is aesthetically pleasing and particularly works well in small spaces.

The structure is solid with our installations using galvanized steel posts and galvanized steel gate frames. We only use the highest quality treated pine slats, hardwood slats and galvanized steel posts all of which have a large range available to suit your design needs

The team at Amazing Fencing can not only assist with the installation of your slat screen or fence but also offer advice on the best options for your space and design.

Privacy & a Great Look

Providing privacy has become a major issue in Australia’s ever-growing cities. The demand is for a combination of privacy and a good living environment. People like a nice backyard area or patio with shelter, screening and a good home style look. This is the Australian home environment at its best. Add a barbecue, some friends and a good weekend, and it’s a great place to be.

Gates are another issue. Gates and screens combine to provide all round solutions. They demand quality, a great design look, good basic security access and functional as well. Amazing Fencing’s gates and screens can be tailored to all these needs, in a vast range of styles.

Benefits of Timber Fencing

Each style has its own benefits which include:

  • Design: Among all wood fencing materials, it is perhaps timber that works with virtually any style of home. It’s highly versatile and apt for any design issue. Timber can be used for a broad range of functions, from basic fencing, to stylish lattice designs.
  • Privacy: Solid timber fences bring you the peace of mind that your privacy is always in check. As they can be built up to 2.4 metres high, many people prefer this fencing style to reinforce their home security.
  • Gardens and Backyards: Timber provides exceptional thermal profiles for gardens and outstanding windbreaks for exposed areas. Unlike other types of fence, timber is an excellent heat reflector.
  • Character: Nothing can match the timeless character quality of timber.
  • Ease of Installation: Timber fences can be installed practically on any site, even on difficult sloped areas.

Design & Style

This demand for quality and style has driven the design process to produce a whole range of options for all areas around the home. The design range includes the traditional picket styles, diamond lattice fence-top screens and the latest timber slat screens.

Privacy screens and gates now also provide a big range of other types of uses:

  • Boundary fencing: Screen fencing has become extremely popular. It’s a good looking style, very easy to install anywhere, suitable for any environment, does the job of a screen and needs almost no maintenance. These fences also come with matching gates.
  • Area screening: The more traditional form of privacy screening involves screening particular areas. The best option is a design which incorporates a smart style as well as the screening function, and can be arranged to cover any area effectively and elegantly.
  • Aesthetic screening: Aesthetic screening involves covering areas which need screening, like garbage bin storage areas, compost heaps, and external eyesores like garish signs and lights, etc.
  • Garden privacy screens: The garden privacy screen is a combination of a privacy screen and windbreak for the garden which allows enough light for plants, but not intrusive views.
  • Solid structure and dependability: Amazing Fencing’s range of gates and screens are all best quality, built to last for years.


“I have always enjoyed the look of slat fencing, so when I bought my first home I decided to install quality slat fencing around the yard and patio for both privacy and curb appeal. Working with Amazing Fencing was stress-free and quick!”

– T. Wilson

“ I thought it would be a simple enough process, but my neighbour got in there and confused everyone and caused some extra work for the crew. But, it was all sorted out with a smile. Very grateful. :)”

– Roslyn McKean, QLD

“Mick and his son did an amazing job. Very professional. We are extremely happy with our new fence. Quoting to Invoicing to Installation was very smooth and professional.”

– Jan Cumner, QLD

“Professional, on time and worked really hard to complete the work in one day. Highly satisfied customer”

– Roger Nicholls, QLD

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