4 Great Reasons to Choose a Timber Fence for Smaller Gardens

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4 Reasons to Choose a Timber Fence for Smaller Gardens

timber fencing for gardens

Having a small garden with limited space is all the more reason to do what you can to enjoy your green area. Living in an area where the houses are a little closer together and gardens are that bit smaller can have its advantages like being better able to socialise and get to know your neighbours but it can have its drawbacks too. When you only have limited space, you want to make sure that it’s as private as possible and that you do what you can to ensure your family, including your pets, are safe.

Timber fencing can be a great addition to a small garden as it not only provides privacy and security for you and your family but it can also offer protection from the elements.

Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons you should consider timber fencing for your small garden space and how this type of fencing can work to your advantage.

1. Privacy from Neighbours

If your neighbours live in close proximity you may want more privacy and timber fencing will give you this. If you have a picket fence that nobody can see through and a high fence that will stop nosy neighbours from peering over, you’ll keep unwanted persons from interfering in your business.

Timber fencing also cuts down on the amount of noise you experience from your neighbours and surrounding roads. Timber fencing acts as a great noise barrier for noise created by people playing music next door, the sound of cars and the noise of next door’s children playing in their garden.

2. Child and Pet Safety

When the weather is pleasant outside, you want your children to be able to go out and enjoy the garden without worry. Having a timber fence in place around your garden will allow you to rest easy knowing that your kids can’t leave the garden and put themselves in harm’s way.

Likewise, your fence will also keep any stray animals out of the garden while keeping your pets safely inside. When you’re away from home, it’s great peace of mind knowing that your pets are not going to find themselves lost in the neighbourhood, involved in an incident with your neighbour’s pets or hurt in a traffic accident.

3. Protection from the Elements and Debris

Timber fencing can protect you and your lawn from harsh weather conditions much more effectively than any other type of fence. It can act as a windbreaker that keeps your property better protected, including your plant life, and it can provide you with some shade during the long hot days of summer.

Without a fence in place, debris from your neighbour’s property can easily end up in your garden. You don’t want to spend hours raking up your own leaves only to find that leaves from next door have blown in as well. And the same goes for litter. Empty cans, sandwich wrappers and other rubbish blowing in from the street is not something most homeowners want to have to deal with.

4. Low Maintenance

Timber fencing is very low maintenance so you don’t need to spend hours out in your garden looking after it. Modern pine treated fences are highly resistant to termites, bores and fungi.

They are also extremely durable as the treatment allows them to stand up to extreme hot and cold temperatures and prevent decay for decades.

Timber Fencing is the Right Call for Your Small Garden

Timber fencing is a great addition to any smaller garden as it adds an additional level of security and privacy to your home. Having a fence installed around your garden means that your children and your pets can enjoy your garden safely without you having to worry about them running out onto the road and getting injured.

In addition, timber fencing provides great protection from harsh weather conditions while at the same time adding a beautiful, natural and timeless finish to your garden.

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