Renovating your Home on a Budget: Best Fencing Options

Have you been considering renovating your home?

Don’t keep putting it off because you think it will end up being too expensive—there are many affordable and high-quality options out there

When it comes to your new fencing, there’s an extensive range of solutions that will complement your property and won’t leave your pockets empty.

Timber Fencing:

One of the most affordable fencing options that we regularly recommend to our clients trying to cut costs is timber fencing. A timber fence is a timeless addition and will suit properties of all styles. Timber fencing can be easily customised to suit your preferences—this includes both the size and style.

If you’re searching for a traditional finish, a picket fence is often a top choice. If you’re wanting a basic boundary fence that will blend seamlessly with your property, a pailing fence or a lapped fence are both great choices.

Here at Amazing Fencing, we source our timber from trusted suppliers and we’re confident that it will last for many years to come.

This will end up saving you money down the track when you won’t regularly need your fence maintained or replaced.

Steel Fencing:

You might think it isn’t possible to have a new steel fence installed without it going over the budget. This doesn’t have to be the case—there are many affordable steel fencing alternatives out there that still provide the same quality as the more expensive options.

One example that we install here at Amazing Fencing is PermaSteel.

The great thing about PermaSteel is that it brings many of the benefits that you’ll get from a Colorbond Steel fence but with a more budget-friendly price tag.

PermaSteel is available in a range of colours and it’s a simple solution when you’re wanting to bring both security and privacy to your property. We regularly recommend PermaSteel to clients seeking a highly durable fence that will still stay within budget.

Start Renovating Today:

Your renovation doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. By shopping around and finding more affordable alternatives, you can refresh your home for a realistic price.

Here at Amazing Fencing, we regularly work alongside property owners who are renovating their homes and we’re always more than happy to help them find the best fencing product to suit their needs and budget.

For more information on the affordable options available at Amazing Fencing, be sure to get in contact with our team of experts today.

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