Steel Fencing Performs Better in Bushfires

Research has revealed that Colorbond® steel fencing resists heat and flame far better than timber fencing, confirming what is already generally assumed about steel’s superiority in bushfire situations.

As reported on, the tests were carried out by the Bushfire CRC and CSIRO at the NSW Rural Fire Service Experimental Testing Site. The tests involved the exposure of three different types of fencing (steel, hardwood and treated pine) to extreme levels of heat and flame.

The results showed that Colorbond® steel performed best under all exposure conditions, including a 30-minute flame immersion test, whereas the hardwood and treated pine fencing both collapsed within minutes during the immersion test.

While the results will not come as a great surprise, it is hoped that the evidence from the tests can be used in the future to influence changes to building codes in fire-prone areas and to educate local communities about better protecting their homes from bushfires.