Weatherproof Fencing: Our Top Recommendations

Here in Australia, we are very familiar when it comes to weather extremes—scorching hot one day and torrential flooding the next isn’t unheard of.

This is why it’s essential to consider our climate conditions when conducting any kind of renovations to the exterior of your property.

If it’s time to have a new fence installed and you’re unsure of what would be the most durable choice in terms of weather conditions, keep on reading!

Here at Amazing Fencing, we’ve been assisting Australian property owners find their ideal fencing solutions for many years and we’re experts when it comes to selecting the most weatherproof fencing styles.

Steel Fencing:

Our top pick for durability is steel fencing. Steel is tough enough to withstand changing weather extremes and when looked after properly, it will last for many years to come. Whatever the weather brings—wind, flooding, storms or extreme heat, a steel fence installed by the experts at Amazing Fencing will be sturdy enough to withstand it all.

Not only is steel fencing durable and built to last, but it will also enhance the aesthetic of your property and improve its market value.

Here at Amazing Fencing, we work with two main types of steel fencing—Colorbond and PermaSteel.

Colorbond Fencing:

Colorbond steel fences have long been a sought after addition for Australian homes. Designed to be highly durable and built to last, Colorbond fences are a simple way to bring security, privacy and style to any residential or commercial property.

Here at Amazing Fencing, we’ve been installing Colorbond fences for years and we will always recommend Colorbond to those clients who are specifically searching for a fence that will withstand extreme and ever-changing weather conditions. Colorbond fences can be installed in a range of colours and sizes, so there is a perfect fit for every home.

PermaSteel Fencing:

One of our other top recommendations for durability is PermaSteel. The PermaSteel range brings many of the same benefits that you will get from a Colorbond fence. For example, PermaSteel fences are sturdy, available in a variety of colours and will bring a fresh new look to any Australian property.

The one big difference you get from a PermaSteel fence is the budget-friendly price tag. If you’re searching for a weather-proof steel fence that isn’t out of your price range, PermaSteel could be your ideal option.

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If steel fencing isn’t the right fit for you, we also supply and install an extensive range of timber fencing products.

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