What Fencing is Best for my COMMERCIAL PROPERTY?

What Fencing is Best for my

ColorBond Fence Installation

Monday June 7th 2021 | Fencing, Privacy Fencing, Steel Fencing

Not all fencing provides the same benefits to a home or property. For an industrial or commercial site, safety and security are the highest priorities, while keeping the budget in mind. Our expert fencing contractors will tell you that your best bet is to choose high-quality galvanized steel fencing and gates.

Steel fencing, such as ColorBond or PermaSteel, is affordable, durable against the harsh Australian climate, offers complete privacy and is very difficult for intruders to climb – due to the lack of hand and footholds.

Part of the low cost of steel fencing is thanks to the little to no maintenance required to keep it looking great as there is no risk of fires, rot, termites, chipping or cracking.

A bonus feature to choosing steel is that it is better for the environment: steel is a one hundred percent recyclable material and today’s modular steel fencing systems generate very little scrap during installation.

ColorBond Steel Fencing

ColorBond has been a staple in Australia for 50 years, some key points about ColorBond are:

  • ColorBond Fencing is backed by a 10-year manufacture warranty
  • Comes in a variety of attractive colours to match your business’ branding
  • Coasted, galvanized steel is long-lasting, and eliminates the need for many products required in fence repairs, maintenance and replacements.
  • Australian-made

Learn More about ColorBond fencing here.

ColorBond Steel Fence

PermaSteel Steel Fencing

PermaSteel are so confident of the quality of each fence they manufacture, that each is backed with a full 10-year warranty covering all posts, rails and infill sheets.

  • PermaSteel is backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes in 9 modern colours
  • Offers great protection for a lower price tag than most name brand steel fencing
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Australian-made

Learn more about PermaSteel Steel Fencing here.

PermaSteel Steel Fence

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