By The Rules: Planning For A New Fence In Melbourne

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Putting up a fence is not as straightforward as just digging out foundations, putting posts in the ground and erecting a fence around your property. In Melbourne, both fencing contractors and homeowners alike need to ensure that their new fence meets the fence requirements of Melbourne. Building a legal fence in the Victorian capital means meeting what is outlined in Victoria fencing law under the Fences Act to ensure that everything is above board.

From whether or not you need a fencing notice to who will have to pay for the fence, we will look into all of the ins and outs of the fence requirements in Melbourne to ensure that you have a legal fence installed on your property. With our experience working as fence contractors in Victoria, you can be sure that have all of the information that you need when it comes to understanding the Melbourne fencing requirements.

1. The Fences Act

The Fences Act outlines the rules regarding who should pay for a dividing fence, what type of fence will be built, Melbourne fencing notices that neighbours need to give to one another and how disputes can be handled when it comes to building or replacing fences in Melbourne.

Created by the Victorian government in order to protect residences rights and reduce and resolve potential conflicts, The Fences Act is a must-read for Melbourne residence and developers. You can find out more about it here.

2. Legal Fence: What Is A Dividing Fence?

Fence contractors, or individuals, who are building a dividing fence need to be clear as to what exactly a dividing fence is outlined as under the fence requirements in Melbourne. The Melbourne fencing requirements define a dividing fence as one that is built to separate two pieces of adjoining land.

Depending on what is agreed on by each of the neighbours, the fence may or may not be located on the common boundary between the sites. If there is an obstruction or waterway on the common boundary, for example, the fence contractors may need to build the fence off of the common boundary line.

3. Agreeing To The Terms

To ensure that you satisfy the fence requirements in Melbourne, you should first talk to your neighbour informally before putting up the fence. If you and your neighbour can decide together on the style and location of the fence, as well as which fencing contractors you will use, then the fencing works can continue as planned. 

On the other hand, if you cannot reach a solution with your neighbour, then you will need to present your neighbour with a fencing notice. This is a formal document, which outlines the proposed construction or repair works required. Your neighbour then will have 30 days to respond to the notice, otherwise, you can go ahead and call your fencing contractors to begin the project as soon as the 30 day period has lapsed.

4. Who Pays The Fencing Contractors?

Typically, the owners of the adjoining properties that the fence will divide should pay an equal share towards the cost of the fence. However, if one of the two parties would like to have a more expensive fence than what is necessary, they should pay the difference. For example, they may want to use different materials, colours or a more high-spec fence profile than the basic fence that would be required to divide the two properties. In this instance, the neighbour who wants the higher quality fence will need to pay the difference in costs.

When determining what the minimum requirements are for a dividing fence, there are a number of different elements that need to be taken into consideration. These are determined on a case-by-case basis. For example. In a residential area, a 1.8-metre high timber paling fence might be required, while in a more rural setting, a simple wire fence might be enough.

Hire Trusted Fence Contractors To Ensure You Meet The Fence Requirements In Melbourne

Building a fence on your property is something that you want to do right the first time around. The last thing that you want is to hire fencing contractors to build your fence, only to discover that is not a ‘legal fence’ and you have to start the build all over again. Reputable fencing contractors will be able to give you the most up-to-date advice on Melbourne fencing and let you know whether your fence meets the fence requirements in Melbourne prior to building.

Here at Amazing Fencing, we have the local knowledge and expertise that you need to ensure that your fence is put up correctly and meets the guidelines outlined in the Fences Act. With the help of our team, you can be sure that you will have, not just a legal fence, but a top-quality, functional fence that looks great and complements your property too.

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